Top Colleges for MBA in Marketing in India

India can be termed as a leader in producing some of the top marketing experts in the world. The study of marketing in the top institutes of India promises a great career ahead. However, there are several B-Schools mushrooming in the country. Some of them are not at par the level of education that the leading B-Schools deliver. Thus, while choosing an MBA college one needs to be very careful and check out several facts that would ensure that studying in the institute would provide a far-reaching career. While you choose an MBA college it is necessary to check out the national rankings that would help you decide and select the best college for your career.

Mentioned below are the top MBA colleges that offers marketing in India.

IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangaloreis undoubtedly one of the best MBA colleges in Bangalore. The college has a specific program to train the marketing geniuses of the country. This Program is known as PGP Specialization in Marketing. The syllabus includes a detailed understanding and a thorough training in each and every area of marketing. This helps the student to develop an approach and a personality that would make a great impact on the professional field. This institute stands among the top institutes of marketing studies in the world and has been training some of the leading marketing experts in the world.

IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta is the first B-Schools among the series of IIMs in the country. This college has trained and nurtured Marketing experts for years. This institute is known for its highly qualified faculty, world class infrastructure and the best environment for studies. This institute dedicates a special course known as the PGDM Post Graduate Program in Management in Marketing to produce the leading Marketing experts of the country.

Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

This College offers you a course known as PGDM Post-Graduate Programme in Management (Marketing Major). The course is being designed in a manner that helps the faculty to closely guide and mentor the management student develop and research better manage mental and marketing strategies. This college has achieved AACSB accreditation which is only being achieved by less than 5% of the world’s business schools. This accreditation talks much about the quality of education being delivered in the institute. An institute achieves such accreditation if the institute has world standard teaching environment and strives to continuously improve the quality of education.

Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad

This institute aims at making India a hub of intellectual resources. This institute has trained and produced marketing masterminds. This an AICTE accredited institute and is counted among the top management colleges in the world. Fantastic infrastructure and a world-class study environment is something that is being provided by the institute. This institute has extremely talented and highly qualified faculty. Some of them are the leading professionals in their respected fields having huge experience. Being part of this esteemed institute would let you soar high in your marketing career and will make it a lot more lucrative.

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Strategic Sourcing Professionals Are Hard to Find

Successful businesses have enough to worry about between manufacturing, sales, and consumer satisfaction. The added pressure of finding quality management is enough to break the proverbial camel’s back. When companies have to fill a sourcing and purchasing role, many turn to procurement search firms to find the most talented jobseekers out there. A strong business knows when to reach out for help, and outsourcing the recruitment and hiring process to a secondary company takes extra responsibility off their shoulders.

Employees looking for the right opportunities also need help finding the best positions available. Between looking for jobs, applying, and interviewing, the process is tiresome. Professionals in strategic sourcing are in high demand. They may just need a procurement search firm to connect them with the companies looking for their skill sets and experience.


The right recruitment firms know what your needs as a business are and work to provide nothing less than the best solutions. There are a lot of procurement search firms in Toronto, and there’s a big difference between the best and the rest. Here are a few ways to skip the fluff and find the right headhunters for your needs.

  1. Go with a company that gets high referral rates.

Recruiters who come highly recommended are not a bad way to go. The chances they can meet a business’s needs are higher if they also made their previous clients happy. When you’re seeking referrals, ask those whose opinion you trust the most.

  1. Quality procurement recruiters know where to find passive candidates.

A passive candidate is one who isn’t actively seeking new employment. A good recruiter knows how to lure passive candidates into a lateral hire. Of course, headhunters can’t do this unless their client offers lateral hires a convincing reason to move. In today’s competitive labour market for purchasing professionals, it may just be worth it to find that match.

  1. The right firm will help a company, or candidate, to network.

The best companies are those with connections. Networking is key to finding the right people to get the job done more efficiently, cost-effectively, and successfully. Connect to those whose needs are aligned with yours; those who will help you identify and build new, fruitful relationships.

  1. Find specialized headhunters.

Argentus Search Group is a North American firm that deals exclusively with procurement, logistics, and supply chain professionals. Working with someone who deeply understands the nature of sourcing will score you the most capable person for the role. Headhunters themselves have to understand what makes a person great at vendor selection and performance metrics. The procurement headhunters at Argentus are working to help businesses connect with professionals that are in short supply.

  1. The company that shows passion for what they do is the company for you.

Successful procurement search recruiters show passion and commitment in everything they do. Finding the right fit for the role is their utmost priority and they care about their client’s culture, values, and criteria. Argentus is a rare example of a firm born out of a desire to solve an acute need in a specialized vertical. When you have a role to fill, go with the experts.

The Reason to Have a Career and not a Job

The reason to have a career with a home based business and not a job is pretty simple…it’s time. Every activity requires some type of investment of your resources. Regardless of the activity, there is one common investment. That investment is time. Time is the most important resource we have.

What makes time so valuable? Again, the answer is pretty simple. Time is the only resource that cannot be replenished. Once it is gone, we can never get it back. We can lose money and make more. We can lose “things” and buy more. We cannot recover time.
Time has a definite trade in value. Do you ask yourself if you made a good trade for your most valuable resource? Were the activities you participated in today a good trade for your time? Expand that last question to a week, a year or longer. Did you make a good trade? Are you better off today than you were yesterday, last week or last year? You should be! You traded a resource you will never get back for the activities in which you participated in during those time periods.
For most people, a job is all about surviving. A career in the home based business world is about growing. Jobs have limitations. There is a finite trade in value for your time with a job. Unfortunately, many people look back at their jobs and realize they did not make a good trade. Surviving was about all they accomplished. Many sacrificed their investment of time for a job that offered little in terms of self fulfillment and did little more than make ends meet.

Conversely, people that choose the right career have the opportunity for a tremendous return for their investment of time. Those returns can take many forms. The right home based business career can provide an almost unlimited income potential. The quality of life can be so much more rewarding. The right business can provide for more family time, more time for self growth and more time for pleasure.

The Popularity of Welding Careers

If the idea of a typical 9 to 5 desk job is unappealing to you, a career in welding may be for you. When you work as a welder you can expect to work on a variety of fascinating and satisfying jobs.


The job entails working on variety of different things such as ship building, high-rise structures, and all types of manufacturing jobs. In short, welding is a career that will bring you both creative as well as monetary satisfaction. Contrary to what many people many believe welding is a well-paying job. Starting salaries can range from $10-$25 an hour, depending on the work involved and schedule.

Welding is a Skilled Profession

Welding is a broad term describing several different types of jobs such as underwater welding and x-ray welding, each with its unique characteristics and training. In order to become a successful welder, you’ll need to have several different skills. They are reading blueprints, good math skills, the ability to do mechanical drawings. You may even be required to have a basic knowledge of physics. This is why it is important to find the right school that can teach you all of these necessary skills in order to become a successful welder. Welding programs vary in their length and teaching methodology, so makes sure you find one that is right for you.

Welding Careers

After attending school to learn the welding trade, you are not only qualified to work for others, but you can also consider going into business for yourself, manufacturing such items as lawn furniture and wind chimes. Some of the highest paying welding jobs working for others are found in the automobile manufacturing and oil industry. One thing that is often overlooked about welding jobs is that welding is. The next 10 to 15 years the United States government will be spending trillions of dollars updating and maintaining the infrastructure. The amount of jobs available in the metal fabrication world is almost limitless.

If you’re willing to work abroad then there are countless jobs available for welders all over the world. These include metal fabrication, oil rig and construction jobs. In short there will always be a need for trained and experienced welders. There used to be a time when you could start as an apprentice to a welder and work your way up to being a full welder. It’s safe to say those days are gone forever. It is very important to enroll in welding training with an accredited school and get your license. For all of these reasons it is easy to see why a welding career is a popular choice among job seekers today.

The Multiple Benefits of Career Counselling

The process of assessing an individual’s interests, talents and other related factors in a professional manner and then helping him/her to choose the best career option is known as career counselling. It plays a very important role in guiding people, especially youngsters, to choose the best career for themselves, so that they can achieve success and satisfaction both in their professional lives.

Today’s world is full of competition and in order to achieve success, a person needs to select a career or profession for himself/herself very carefully. The career which a person selects should not only be of his/her interest, but also provide ample job opportunities in the market. The lack of interest or lack of job openings in the market can lead to utter frustration in the person. With the help of professional career counselors and guides, youngsters can learn about the latest career options available in the market which best fits their interest and personality, and hence make the best career choice for themselves.
People, who are serious about developing a strong career and a bright future, have identified and understood the importance and multiple benefits of career counselling especially in the present scenario, where unemployment and lack of job opportunities are the biggest problems in developing countries like India. But with the right guidance, individuals can not only choose the right career path for themselves, but also learn the art of maintaining the perfect balance between their professional and personal lives.
Career counselors not only throw light on the available job prospects, but also educate the individuals about the job responsibilities and prospect of growth in that particular field. They also help individuals to prepare for interviews and also tell them how to develop and sharpen their skills and talents, so that they can become successful professionals.
Career counselling also proves to be very helpful for individuals who are not happy with their present jobs. Experienced career counselors guide such individuals on how to face and meet new challenges at work place and also give them tips on how to solve problems efficiently and fulfill job targets without taking stress. They help individuals to boost their self-confidence and learn to be patient.

One of the best things about good career counselors is that they also teach individuals to face their shortcomings and flaws and improve these qualities instead of complaining about them. Overall, with the help of a good career counselor, an individual not only succeeds in selecting the prefect career option for himself/herself, but also develops his/her overall personality.

The Legal Side of Having a Home Business Career

If you are interested in starting a home business career, or have already started one, there are certain legal aspects you need to consider. What sort of legal aspects? Well, taxes, insurance policies, retirement planning and/or superannuation, and registering your business to name a few. The following article will briefly touch on these different subjects to help you discover how you can protect yourself and your business.

Legalities: First and for most, once you have established your home business, you need to set up your business legally. You can do this by registering your business name and declaring if you are the sole owner, are in a partnership or corporation. Depending on the type of businesses you are running, you may also require a business license. To find out what will work best, and what is required for your particular business, visit your state/province and/or federal website.
Taxes – When you are self employed you have many tax advantages. For instance, you can write off many of the expenses that are connected to your home business. That being said, just like every other citizen, you are required to pay the tax amount you owe at the end of the year. However, some of the expenses that you may be able to write off depending on your business include, but are not limited to:
Home office – this also include supplies or equipment you need for your office

· Home office – this also include supplies or equipment you need for your office

· Advertising – business cards, web marketing, etc.

· Rent or lease of business property

· Travel – The expense of having to travel for business purposes (IE meeting a client)

· Utilities – includes electricity, gas, etc.

· Telephone and Internet- phone or Net used for business purposes

· Other interest – credit card, loan interest (IE. the interest you pay on a computer loan)

· Business Meals – money you spend on business dinners (try not to overdo it on this one)

· Etc

As you can see there are many things you can write off as far as your taxes are concerned. Therefore, make sure you make a list of all your expenses, and be sure to keep all of your receipts! You never know if you will be subjected to a tax audit. To learn more about taxes concerning your business and employment, visit your state/provincial or federal website to learn more.
Insurance Policies: Something else you need to take into consideration is insurance policies. There are plenty of different insurance plans that you can look into procuring for yourself, family and business. The following is a list of some of the more popular insurance policies:
Life insurance – Covers funeral expenses in case someone should die.
Workers compensation insurance – This insurance is only a good idea if you have employees. If an employee becomes injured on the job, this insurance compensates them for recuperation time.
Health insurance – will pay for your bills should you ever need medical attention. Depending on your plan it also helps to pay for prescription drugs, eye glasses and the dentist.
Home insurance – protects your home in the event of an unfortunate situation (IE Fire. )#)
Content insurance – This insurance will protect your equipment and the items within your home.
Note: There are plenty more insurance policies that you may be interested in procuring, so make sure you are thorough in your research. Furthermore, every plan is different, so choose the one you can afford that suits your lifestyle.
Superannuation/Retirement Plan – Even though you are self-employed, you are still eligible for superannuation or other retirement plans. That being said, you need to understand that you are responsible for making your own contributions to your retirement fund. With so many expenses already on your plate, you may not be interested in a retirement plan, but there are significant tax savings on the contributions you make, depending on your income and so on.
When it comes to actually selecting your fund you can choose banks, insurance companies or other financial institutions. Regardless of what you choose, you need to consider the reputation of the institution, their administration fees, their insurance cover options, etc.

To learn more about retirement plans, visit your federal website. Also don’t be afraid to talk to a councilor at your bank institution to see if they can provide you with any recommendations.

The Five Commandments of a Freelance Writing Job Career

Nothing beats the flexibility of an online writing career but beware the pitfalls and follow the sage of advice of those who have been there, are doing it, and are shaping it for the writers of tomorrow. Consider these the five commandments of creating a successful online writing career.

Know Thy Writing Talent Gift
Editors are usually not the best novel or website writers. And speechwriters are a whole ‘nuther animal altogether. Or perhaps you are looking for creative writing jobs. Or you are a freelance writer open to possibilities right now. The question is, which animal are you? Don’t take work simply for the sake of building your portfolio. People actually do pay you to write. But stick with what you do best and you will get noticed in the right way and move your career in the right direction. Otherwise, you will end up taking gigs that build the wrong kind of portfolio and before you know it, you’re ghost writing for the Taliban.
Flee the Scam
In the writing space, there are a lot of information products outs there that offer very little of value to the writer who’s already working. If a writer website requires a fee to sign up, that’s fine unless they don’t offer your money back if not satisfied. Or if they pretend to offer you opportunities but actually want to sell you an ebook, obviously that’s a bait and switch you can do without.
Build Thy Brand
Every professional knows that their brand, the perceptions that potential buyers have about you, has tremendous value. It will for you as well. If you haven’t done so already, create a website all about you, your work, and what you’re about. The website is a brand builder. It lets other writers and potential clients know who you are, what you’ve done, and how they might work with you in the future.
A writer friend of mine uses a pen name for the writing work that doesn’t fit his main brand while keeping his main passion, ghost writing novels, on his website and central to his portfolio. He knows that he can do fill-in work with websites, blogs, and articles yet he doesn’t want to spoil his novel brand. Carefully build your brand and you’ll eventually get the writing jobs you seek.
Build Thy Portfolio
This almost goes without saying, but jobs that don’t pay quite as much as you would like might be the path to building your portfolio. Don’t work for free, but see the value that comes from a portfolio of someone who is actually working as a writer. And to future clients, your portfolio will speak to their desire to work with someone who’s got a wealth of experience in all the right areas. If you’re new to freelance writing, this website offers useful resources to equip you for the journey.
Network with Thy Brethren

If your true calling is ghost writing autobiographies, it takes some time and networking to get in front of the right client paying the kind of money you need to take on their project. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you need other people, other writers in your network of friends to become the best at what you do. You need their support (writing can be lonely) and like a stone sharpening steel, you need their feedback to bring your game up to the next level. Resist the temptation to go it alone.

The Different Nursing Careers in Houston

The ratio of patient and health attendant today is no longer equal to the ratio of the same way back 50 years. The bad thing about this fact is that the ratio has sloped down some several percentages today. This might be caused by the population projectile ratio and the life expectancy ratio. The more people are born, the more need for nurses in the hospital and communities to care on their health in general.

So if you are a nurse or a nursing graduate, you may as well have your career boom by choosing to work to cities that greatly need your professional expertise. One of the states in the US that offers and hires nurses is Houston in Texas. Nursing careers in Houston can have you a better life and growth in the field that you have chosen.
Houston is just one of the many cities that need the help from medical health practitioners. From the government up to the smallest community clinic, the work of a nursing is in demand. There are many hospitals that are based in the city that also hires nurses every now and then. The Air Force and the Military also need nurses that will monitor the soldiers’ health in the military bases in Houston. These demands just prove that the nursing career can really go up.
Nursing careers in Houston can be grouped into several specific fields or discipline. Every medical specialization needs an expert nurse for the job. The following are some of the nursing careers in the said state:
Intensive Care Nursing
This is a very critical career in nursing. Critical in the sense that the nurse is expected to be on guard to the patient and the rest of the family members. Intensive care nurses are often those that are assigned in emergency rooms and IC Units in many hospitals. This career is very helpful in experience development of a practitioner because of the exposure to many threatening diseases and injuries.
Nursing Informatics
The medical sector also goes with the improvements in technology. Because of this, they also need people from their pool to be knowledgeable in much advancement in medical apparatuses and paraphernalia. The nurse under this career is responsible for record keeping, assignment or medicines, and other related tasks.
Neonatal Nursing
This career focuses mainly on new born babies, pre mature babies, and the mother. Nurses here are expected to take care of the mother and child particularly if sickness is present in the patients. They are also responsible for giving enough health related interventions to the patients as preparations for the next level of survivability.
Pediatric Nursing
Basically, patients under 18 years of age and above three months after birth are considered to be included in the pediatric medicine. Specifically, this patient classification is based on the physical attributes of the patients and their tolerance in medicine and other exposures. Nurses here are expected to bring proper care to the patients without disregarding some considerations on the part of the patients.
Oncology Nursing
Cancer patients need special attention and treatment thus nurses practicing in oncology must have patience and perseverance.

There are other nursing careers in Houston other than those that are commonly seen at the hospitals and clinics. Because health is a primary concern of every individual, nursing career can also be applicable to other sectors such as the corporate world, military, government, etc.

The Cleveland Browns sometimes make the possible that Joe Thomas’ goal when he entered the NFL would have been to spend his entire career with one tea

The c’s locked up its steady All-Pro left tackle on Monday by reaching agreement with Thomas on a seven-year contract extension generates him one of the highest-paid offensive linemen in NFL history.


Agent Peter Schaffer may not provide financial terms of the deal, but a league source told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora the fact that deal is worth around $84 million, including over $40 million guaranteed. It is by far the biggest amount of guaranteed money inclined to an offensive lineman.

Schaffer told The Associated Press on Monday night the fact that sides were being perfecting the sale for quite a while and was pleased his 26-year-old client can have long-term security using the Browns.

“This is Joe wanted, ” Schaffer said.

A Browns spokesman said they doesn’t have a announcement planned.

Thomas said he’s thrilled to generally be keeping in Cleveland.

“I am so excited which i be able to continue my career with all the Cleveland Browns, ” Thomas said in an email towards Associated Press. “I think something really special is occurring here and it makes me delighted so that start and finish my career in front of the best fans from the NFL. Everyone loves town, fans, as well as the organization, i just want to thank coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Tom Heckert for believing inside me and giving me the opportunity to continue to keep play with this great and storied franchise. ”

Thomas, who have been selected towards the Pro Bowl in all his four NFL seasons and it’s a two-time first-team All-Pro, was entering one more year of the rookie contract he signed after being taken while using the No. 3 overall selection within the 2007 NFL Draft. This morning, Thomas said he was excited about the direction the Browns were headed under president Mike Holmgren, Heckert and Shurmur, the Browns’ first-year coach.

“There’s now an extremely solid plan, ” Thomas said. “Everybody within this organization is rowing the ship inside the same direction — finally. ”

Schaffer said Thomas did not want to make a big deal about his extension, and thought we would make it private.

In a mere a couple weeks of coaching camp, Thomas is pleased with the Browns’ improvement under Shurmur, his third head coach within just five seasons.

“I’ve been really impressed, ” Joe Thomas said. “The staff they have got assembled is phenomenal with the wide variety of guys who’ve been head coaches while in the league. Many different experiences, and they have coached in many variations, lots of different schemes and systems. They’re really aimed at teaching but that’s the thing who has impressed me most about coach Shurmur. He’s an exceptionally hands-on teacher. He’s within the field coaching (quarterback) Colt McCy up for each read with each throw. He’s conversing with the receivers. He’s conversing with the offensive linemen and tight ends. He’s throwing his two cents in there on defense.

“It’s been great. ”

Thomas initiated a policy of all 64 games and it has not missed an offensive snap since joining the Browns, a fact not lost for a fan base that admires hard workers. The 6-foot-6, 312-pounder first endeared himself to Browns fans on draft day four years ago, when in lieu of joining other top draft picks on stage at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, Thomas instead went fishing in reference to his father and many buddies in Wisconsin.

Thomas’ work ethic and leadership skills are what set him apart for Shurmur.

“Joe is really a steady guy, that you simply need from an offensive lineman, ” he explained. “He’s a man that equates here every single day and works. Once in a when he could be vocal, I wouldn’t say that’s his nature only to be exerting himself verbally. There’s time just a practice or in a day when something must get said and he’ll step right to top and say it. I’ve got a great appreciation for which he or she is being a player as well as a man. “

The Career Opportunity for Everyone

Whether you are a recent graduate or a career shifter, living and working abroad is one of the best career opportunities for you. If opportunities run out in your home country and nobody else will give you the chance to enhance the skills that you have learned from school, don’t worry because there are far better opportunities waiting for you overseas.


There is no need to limit yourself in what you your country can offer because you deserve to maximize your full potential and be the best person that you can be in all aspects of your life.
The whole idea of living and working abroad can be quite scary. Just the thought of leaving your comfort zone for something that is unknown is enough to make every parent shudder. However, as challenging as it may be, there are also many great opportunities and rewarding experiences that go along with this exciting career move. Moving to a rich and economically stable country can give your career the boost that it needs, as well as build new skills and relationships that could be of great use in the future.
Travelling to different countries and cities will also make you self- reliant and adaptable to different people and their culture, as well as adjust to different seasons. Your experience working abroad will definitely look good on your resume and CV and can get your employer’s attention by asking you about your experiences. Remember that most employers are looking for an applicant who has a global perspective and a better understanding of the way things are in other parts of the globe. Now, because of the lack of good career opportunities in their home countries, more and more people have chosen to live and work abroad for good.
Here are some of the advantages of living and working abroad:
1. Financial Gains – working abroad means you can find a well-compensated job with good insurance and health care system to match it.
2. Language skills – you will learn different languages aside from your own which in return will make you become a confident speaker no matter where you go.
3. Career opportunities are limitless – you can now choose any job that is in line with your career of choice.
4. Free Education – free education until grade12 is sponsored by the government.
5. Adventure – you will have the chance to travel and experience adventure like nothing you have ever experienced before.
6. More opportunities when you home- because of your experiences abroad, you are more likely to get hired once you get back to your home country.

These are just some of the most common benefits one can get in living and working abroad. Start living the life you have always dreamed of, apply for a working visa to your country of choice now.